Jesse Lee Peterson: Black American Brilliance and a Backbone of Steel!

Jesse Lee PetersonYou just have to admire this man’s character and courage. His leadership has helped forge men of character and faith, out of young, troubled youths in the Los Angeles inner-city for a generation. And what’s amazing is, as much good as he’s done- especially in the black community in Los Angeles- a lot of people (extreme liberals mostly) hate him with a passion. While President Obama and Al Sharpton are teaching black people to hate the police (no wonder there were two police killed in NY), Jesse Lee Peterson is making young men want to be the police. While others are encouraging distrust, he encourages faith.

I can’t think of any one person anywhere that has stood up to as much hate and discontent as Mr Peterson has. There is tremendous political peer-pressure, not only in the black community at large, but in liberal circles. White liberals and black liberals hate black conservatives with a vitriol that defies reason. They would rather support carbon-copies of their vision of what a black man is supposed to be than to have an actual strong leader, and an independent thinker. Because of the dumbing-down in the black community by so-called black leaders, along with the help of the liberal media, this great man of faith brings TRUE leadership to the equation, and is helping rebuild the family by rebuilding the man.

Scumbags Celebrate Cops Shot in Ferguson! #BlackLivesMatter

police vs protestorsThis is about as backward as it gets. I know there is a lot of disdain for police officers in the criminal world, but does the black community at large really want this reputation? I can’t imagine that being the case. I mean, criminals are the natural enemy of cops. I get that. But, so many people are trying to make this a blacks vs cops story, and that simply isn’t the case. However, even some so-called news sites are reporting it as such, and with the help of media favorite race-baiters they are trying to make that exact case. But a closer look at the actual facts will show that it simply isn’t true. However, people still cling to their brainwashing. This is not my opinion- these are facts- take a look.

What Guys Really Think About Girls

Girl with flowwers laying in the grassI’m going to be very frank in this piece, and tell all of the deep, dark secrets- the things me and my friends always talked about when there were no females around- the things guys say behind their backs- the things guys really think. I know a lot of guys will be mad at me for revealing these truths about our softer counterparts. But it has to be out there, for the girls who really want to know the truth, and not make some major mistakes in their lives. Some may not like it, but I am going to tell you exactly what guys REALLY think about girls- and with no holds barred.

What’s Wrong with the United Methodist Church? (UMC Beliefs)

bread of life church signI’m relatively new at being a Christian. So, when choosing a local church to attend, I chose the nearest one- it was right around the corner from my house. I met some wonderful people there, and learned how to worship God the United Methodist way- sitting like a statue, and quiet as a mouse. And when church was over, everyone went out the door in two minutes flat, including the pastor. I knew I was missing something but I didn’t know what, yet.

Obama’s Economic Strategy- Inflate the Bubbles and Claim it Works

Home mortgages pictureIt’s really funny how hindsight is 20/20. Now that we are drawing near to the end of the Obama era, it’s plain to see- his whole strategy was to inflate the bubbles, then claim it’s working. From bailouts to health care, the robots in the media keep saying it’s working. And now, with free college for two years- doesn’t he know there is a huge bubble of student loan debt? And a huge bubble of National debt? How is piling on more debt going to help? It just inflates the bubble. And when inflation really kicks in (we haven’t seen anything yet) it will get worse- way worse.

Black People Aren’t the Only Ones Abused by Crooked Cops

London Police during riotBlack Lives Matter. So do white lives, and every other color. Cops matter too. We all matter. But, with all this unrest among the black community and the police lately, it reminds me of what it was like for me, when I was a little punk growing up in Chicago. Yeah, I was bad. And I don’t mean that in the good way. And I’ve been harassed by cops more times than you would probably believe. But people who grew up in Chicago know I am telling the truth.

The way I see it, no one is addressing the real issue. And, by focusing on one race of people, we as a nation are heading down a path that cannot end well, for either side.

Why are Christian Liberals So Hateful and Mean?

Liberal Christians are evilThis story is not about any particular politician. It is about a certain mindset, and people I know- real people who vote liberal without thinking- people who put politics above real life. I’m talking about family members who I have known and loved all my life. It was through their hatred of all things good, that I came to this conclusion. And now, as I had some time to think about it, the way the hate grew over the years, I can clearly see the reasoning that led to this inevitable outcome- liberals MUST hate. If they don’t, they implode. It’s the reason we as a nation are so divided, and the reason why my family is so divided as well.

National Right-to-Carry for Truckers Petition Making the Rounds

blonde woman with a gunThere is a new petition gaining ground, and I’m here to help it along. It’s a national right-to-carry for truckers petition. And it makes some valid points. I believe the time is right to get this into law soon. It would also allow anyone who travels for a living to carry a weapon anywhere in the US as long as they have a permit in their home state. If passed into law, this would supersede any local or state laws- I love that!

This Economy Stinks- Remember the Good Ol’ Days?

ObamaLooks StonedI’m 54-years old, and I’ve been working since I was 16. I’ve seen some good years and some bad years. But in general, it keeps getting worse as time goes on. Well, it was slowly getting worse, but in recent years it spiked upward, so now it is getting worse at an alarming rate. I don’t need a lot of government figures, statistics or economic indicators and other fake crap to tell me what’s going on. I know what I see. And I can tell you this- times are tough, and they’ve never been tougher. I thought I had it rough when I was younger, working for minimum wage. But in hindsight, those were the good ol’ days.