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$700,000 Government Grant to Study Cow Burps!

$700,000 Government Grant to Study Cow Burps!

I’ve heard a lot of stories about wasted taxpayer dollars, but this is the craziest one in a while, not to mention another shining example of the BIG money being made through the global warming scam.

Talk about a money making scheme, the University of New Hampshire received a whopping $700,000 government grant to study cow burps, the Union Leader reported with a straight face.

And in a somewhat related story, Canadian scientists are breeding cows that burp less. It is true that a cows burp contains greenhouse gasses, much more than their flatulence. And according to Liberal activist scientists in Canada cows produce three-quarters of Canada’s total methane emissions. And, their burps are 20 times more potent that carbon dioxide. See if you can read this story from Reuters without cracking up.

By far, this is the funniest story of the day today. It’s also the saddest. The fact that the US government spends money so foolishly is depressing. But the fact that some creative grant-writer got a chunk of change, that’s funny. (I wish I could!)

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