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“Scientists” at Harvard Have No Clue

Do you want to see a perfect example of how common sense sometimes disappears with education? Yes, I’ve said it many times- just because someone has an education that doesn’t mean they have any common sense. Now, I’m no scientist, but it doesn’t take a genius to see the idiocy in this story.

The headline reads- Scientists Find “Liberal Gene”.

And the story goes on to try to explain the unexplainable. First, they try to link it with how many friends you had in high school. What, are we supposed to believe that having a lot of friends in high school makes us Liberal? Yes, according to these brainiacs. That, and the Liberal gene. You still have to have the liberal gene too. I’m not making this up.

I’m Taking Action – Michael Berry of KTRH.com / 950KPRC.com

Here’s a very intense video of one fed-up American. Can I get a witness? If you are sick and tired of the lies and deception of the Obama administration, you’ll like this…

Chicago- Shootings on the Rise but Still no Snitching

This story recalls three victims who were shot, and their shooters got away- found not-guilty in court. All part of a historic weekend in Chicago, where 40 people were shot, seven fatally. It seems the “no-snitching” code of the streets still rules the day. Three brave victims stood up for justice, but it wasn’t being served in a Chicago courtroom when their day came.

This is going to be a piece of work!

It’s funny how a person gets an idea, then they try to make it happen. But then they find out it would be much harder than they first anticipated. But if you are having fun you don’t mind.

Here at Backward Times, we are planning on being a Conservative force on the web. We will let our Christian heritage, and pride in our Country guide us in all we do. Our motto will be- For God and Country.

Backward Times is Live!

Yes, here we are… And, you know what? This is going to be fun. We’ll have this place, a place where you can say what’s on your mind, and tell someone else they are wrong.

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