Benghazi Attack Obvious Cover-Up by Obama: Evidence

Hillary Clinton tried to take the blame, falling on the proverbial sword, as it were. But anybody who actually takes the time to read the transcript (full text below) of Obama’s speech the day after the attack HAS to conclude that Obama purposely said what he said to cover himself, knowing it would eventually get out. But he made one terrible mistake- he mentioned it in the debate last night. Doing that, he proved that HE is the individual responsible for this cover-up.

The Real War on Women: Winners and Losers

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about a war on women. At first I laughed at the absurdity of the claim… Or maybe it was the claimant herself (DWS)… And after some careful research and analysis, followed by a couple of rounds of Super Bobolz, follwed by a little more research, I have determined that there certainly is a real, war on women– and the women are losing!

Social Justice Truth: Tyranny vs Freedom

Tea Party protestorsI always like to say- believe what you will, but make sure it’s true. And, although this phrase seems honest enough, and so simple you’d think everyone got it, apparently some people (and I mean a lot of people) still believe things that are patently false. Many of these blind followers are educated too (but that’s another story). This article will be an attempt at a historical perspective of right vs wrong, right vs left, Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party, Tyranny vs Freedom, and truth vs lies.

The Coming Collapse of the Social Security Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi Sceme signEveryone knows that the Social Security System is a giant Ponzi scheme. While this is nothing new to those who study such things, private sector Ponzi schemes pale in comparison to the coming of “The Great Social Security Ponzi Collapse.”

Future generations will study how our society could have been so silly as to launch such a scheme and why our primitive society continued to pretend that there wasn’t a serious structural problem until it was too late. Future generations would wonder why no one did anything about it, once it implodes and takes the entire Federal apparatus down with it. (Which may not be such a bad thing, anyway.)

How Government Really Works: Money Talks

money bagAs school children we are taught that we live in a democracy and that we can vote. We are told that our elected officials go to Washington and pass laws that are good for our country and that our elected officials must “answer” to the people. It’s instilled in our brain at an early age and we continue to believe it, even when evidence continues to mount to the contrary.

US Government: The Ultimate Middleman: The War on Poverty

Homeless manOver the past 40 or so years, our nation has spent trillions of dollars fighting the “War on Poverty,” and poverty has won. We have the same problems we had 50 years ago, only now they have become intractable and institutionalized. We still have children going to sleep hungry, only now we have more of them. We still have a dilapidated housing stock, only now they are run by the government in lieu of the slumlords who ran the tenements of yore. The children of the poor are herded into public schools – which are objectively worse than they were 50 years ago – where the primary purpose appears to be to prepare them to operate within another government run institution – prison.

Complacency in The Eye of the Financial Hurricane

On the scale of natural disasters, few events can match the sheer scale and destructive capacity of a hurricane. Big, lumbering, and unimaginably powerful; and on average, over 400 miles wide! Hurricanes have leveled entire cities, changed the direction of rivers and permanently altered the things we, as humans, believe to be permanent.

The Invisible Ruins of Las Vegas

The ruins of ancient Pompeii and the modern day Detroit are obvious to the naked eye. Ornate and grand structures surrounded by decay, silently call attention to themselves. Ravaged by time, they sit, eerily beckoning the curious to appreciate the splendor of a bygone era.

The ruins of Las Vegas do not enjoy such a status. They are not grand structures capable of drawing the eye of a curious onlooker. The ruins of Las Vegas hide in their anonymity.