Online Fraud Targets Seniors with Identity-Theft Scams

fraud under magnifying glassWhile there remains an ongoing stereotype that seniors no nothing about computers and have very little understanding of how to do anything online, the truth is that large numbers of American seniors work, socialize, and get information online just like younger Americans.

As with most things in life, the Internet serves as a blessing and a curse. It’s a great way for seniors to meet, talk, share ideas, and maybe even get involved in a fantasy football league or two. But the Internet also serves as a tool for people to create a range of scams and frauds targeted directly at seniors.

Jobs After the Military: Life Goes On

jobs after the militaryThose who serve in the military deal with challenges, risks, dangers, and a level of commitment that most of us can never fully understand. They are on the front-line of defense risking their lives, possible future post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and much more in an effort to give us the freedoms that we as Americans enjoy each and every day. Unfortunately for many former military personnel, returning to civilian life offers an entirely new set of obstacles. While healthcare for former military personnel remains a major topic in Washington DC, and across the country, the fact that many who have served are struggling to find jobs once they leave the military has remained a woefully overlooked issue.

Legal Marijuana: Medicinal & Recreational: Who Has Jurisdiction?

Medical Marijuana and prescriptionNovember 6, 2012 marked the date of an extremely controversial and shocking election on both federal and state levels. One nationally dividing issue actually came from a state election in Washington and Colorado, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

What makes this issue so interesting is that non-users of this drug are coming to the support of this act. Many citizens, law enforcement professionals, and politicians are coming to the defense of the legalization of cannabis as a part of the efforts to limit the power of the federal government. As a part of this movement, people believe that the Feds have far too much power over the state and individuals.

Liberal Media Alert: Election was a Landslide for Pro-Life Movement!

premature baby fingersYes, it’s true. But you certainly didn’t hear about this through the liberal media- they’d rather brag about the democratic landslide in California, and of course the re-election of President Obama. Unfortunately for Obama however, there will be a lot more opposition this go-around. The 112th Congress was the most pro-life Congress in history. But the 113th Congress (starting Jan. 2013) is even more pro-life!

The National Pro-Life Alliance (NPLA-PAC), targeted 91 House districts, and pledged Life at Conception Act (HR 374 / S 91) supporters won in 84 of them. I’d call that a landslide.

Iran: Obama’s War (Iranian SU-25 Fires at US Drone Before Election)

Iranian Fighter Jet SU25These certainly are some backward times- and not just because Obama got re-elected. Everyone loves to hate “the neocons” for being war-mongers, including hard-core conservatives like myself. Of course, the definition of neocon changes, depending on who you’re listening to. But so many people think Obama is all about ending wars. News flash- he’s not. He had to end the Iraq war to free up the assets to be used in Iran. If you think that’s crazy, you didn’t see CNN this morning- Iranian jets fired on a US drone.

Benghazi Attack Obvious Cover-Up by Obama: Evidence

Hillary Clinton tried to take the blame, falling on the proverbial sword, as it were. But anybody who actually takes the time to read the transcript (full text below) of Obama’s speech the day after the attack HAS to conclude that Obama purposely said what he said to cover himself, knowing it would eventually get out. But he made one terrible mistake- he mentioned it in the debate last night. Doing that, he proved that HE is the individual responsible for this cover-up.

The Real War on Women: Winners and Losers

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about a war on women. At first I laughed at the absurdity of the claim… Or maybe it was the claimant herself (DWS)… And after some careful research and analysis, followed by a couple of rounds of Super Bobolz, follwed by a little more research, I have determined that there certainly is a real, war on women– and the women are losing!