Is God Real? How We Can Know for a Fact

How many times have you seen videos and articles claiming to prove God’s existence or non-existence? I know I have certainly seen a ton of them. In my opinion, every single one of them, on both sides of the argument fall short. To me, it’s easy to prove, or disprove, in several ways. Apparently, for many people, it is a matter of faith (or lack of). To me, it’s all about logic, reason, coincidence, likelihood, and honesty. Yes, honesty.

Before I dig into this, I want to challenge people on both sides- be honest. I understand most of us come into this argument with a bias, myself included. But it the end, reason and logic HAS to win, not faith.

Endorsement: Ron Paul for President 2012

That’s right. Ron Paul is the man. In all my (52) years, I have never seen such a man; a man who stands on principles, the same principles that guided our founders, and has for 40 years; a man who stands for smaller government for real, not just talking a good game like Bush did; a man who stands for the Constitution, the way it was meant to be understood, not the twisted way today’s politicians try to make it; a man who predicted 9-11; a man who predicted the economic collapse; the only anti-war candidate on either side of the aisle; the only one who cannot be bought by the industrial complex; Ron Paul for president in 2012, that’s my hope and prayer. More so than any other election in my life, I want this man to win at this time in our history.

Feds Raid Gibson Guitar Factories for Illegal Wood (Again)

Is nothing sacred with this government? Well, apparently, fine-grained lumber such as rosewood and ebony from Madagascar is. But not Gibson guitars. Hello? OK, maybe I’m a bit biased, having been a guitar player all my life and a proud owner of several Gibson guitars.

When I came across this story, I thought the brown-shirts were a little out of place- raiding the best guitar manufacturer in the world. Of course, it’s easy to see the real reason for this incident- money. But then, that’s usually the reason when common sense goes out the window. Well, money, or love.

Penis Size Study: 1 Out of 5 Gay Men Have HIV

There has been a lot of hoopla lately about this study. The problem is, everybody seems to focus on the support, for or against the study. That’s politics, and fine, if that’s what is important to you. But when I saw this study, one fact stood out strongly.

Only 74% of the men questioned in the study said they didn’t have HIV.

Does that mean 25% of gay men do have HIV? Let’s take a closer look at those numbers and see what the study reveals. Then compare that to other studies.

The New Evangelical Left? What Would Jesus Cut?

Talk about backward… This is simply crazy. I always said it takes a skewed view of reality to become a Liberal in the first place. But now the radical leftist, so-called Christians are “preaching” socialism in Jesus’ name. Have they gone too far?

It’s one thing to have differing opinions. But what everybody fails to report is the truth! Yes, there is truth. There’s truth in politics, truth in religion, and certainly the Bible represents the official authority of what truth is. And if you disagree with that statement, then you are brainwashed, and I’ll prove it. Just read on.

How Abortion is Destroying Our Culture and Our Thinking

There has been over 50-million abortions since Roe v Wade. Although that fact alone is the single biggest tragedy in the history of mankind, that’s not the full extent of what this so-called right has done to destroy the very fabric of our culture here in the US. Abortion has become the defining issue politically, and has divided us as a nation and a people. Not only that, but abortion has also helped demoralize women, and cloud our judgement in general. It is the most backward-thinking subject I can imagine, and as such, a topic worthy of this website.

Crazy Animal Rights Lunatics at

funny elephantTalk about backward times, it’s always amazing to me that some people (IE; animal rights lunatics), put animals above people.

Look, I love animals as much as anybody, but they don’t mean crap when it comes to people! In fact, animals are NOTHING compared to people. I’d kill a whole herd of elephants myself if it would save just one person, let alone feed a whole village, plus keep a farmer, or two in business. Wouldn’t you?

Well, apparently, the folks over at don’t feel that way. In fact, they’d rather save one elephant even if it means a farmer goes out of business and a whole village goes hungry.

Obama Campaign Promise Broken – Guantanamo

ObamaLooks StonedObama did the right thing, when he approved the resumption of the controversial military trials for suspected terrorists at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Unfortunately for him and his far-left supporters, that was the exact opposite of what he promised during his campaign, over and over. We’ve got video of his repeated promise to close Guantanamo. I wonder how the anti-war crowd feels today?